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Aspen Cloud Server Concept

Key Features

Self-Service Managed Cloud Server with Aspen Control Panel

  1. Powerful web-based control panel. Manage your all servers infrastructure at multi-cloud centers from a single console
  2. Cost effectively maintain control of your global server infrastructure
  3. Deploy and scale Cloud Servers in minutes
  4. Add, Start, Reboot and Delete servers just simple mouse click
  5. Adjust CPU, RAM, Disk and IP addresses on demand
  6. Extra Disk offers Server Attached Storage Pool - RAID 6 (SASP-6) and Server Attached Storage Pool (SASP-M)
  7. Server Attached Storage Pool - RAID 6 (SASP-6) is hardware RAID 6 storage pool protected
  8. Server Attached Storage Pool (SASP-M) is hardware RAID 5 storage pool with real time backup, i.e. Double Redundancy

Build up your Virtual Global Infrastructure in the World

  1. Select City and IDC
  2. Deploy Cloud Server with selected resources
  3. Your Full Control Cloud Servers at production environment in minutes
  4. Control your Cloud Servers from any web browser

Daily Pay-as-you-Use billing model

  1. No Contract Period
  2. No Upfront Cost
  3. Pay daily, Daily On-Demand Subscription
  4. Easy to use balancing system
  5. Support different Currency

Standard Server Operating System Template

  1. Cloud Server powered by XEN Virtualization technology
  2. Un-modified and standard Linux OS Template
  3. Full root access and full control your Cloud Server
  4. Support CentOS, Fedora Linux
  5. Preinstalled software such as Apache, MySQL, etc.
  6. Support OS package update, e.g. by using yum
  7. SSH and Webmin access
  8. Support Web Load Balancing Template
  9. More OS options and templates coming soon

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